13 premium ukrainian channels available in Poland

IDEA VENTURES together with MEDIA GROUP UKRAINE has prepared a special premium package of Ukrainian channels for polish largest OTT platforms and cable operators.

Dominik Tzimas: “We have already brought to Poland the news channel UKRAINE 24, which is now available on the largest streaming services, satellite platforms, cable operators and even on some local MUXes. The interest of operators and platforms in the Ukrainian content is enormous, hence the idea for a package of premium channels.”

So far, the offer includes 13 channels covering a wide range of topics. The offer will certainly grow. Viewers will be able to watch the most popular Ukrainian entertainment programs (cooking, talent shows), documentaries, series and feature films. The offer is varied for different age groups. For younger audiences, there are fairy tale channels. The package also includes a sports channel and hobby-themed channels.

Lista kanałów:

1 UKRAINE 1 The most popular Ukrainian series: melodramas, crime novels, medicine
2 UKRAINE 2 The most popular Ukrainian entertainment programs (cooking, talent shows) and documentaries
3 NLO 2 Channel aimed at younger groups from. Topics: comedies (series, cabarets), travels, hobbies
4 STAR CINEMA Ukrainian films and series addressed to 25+ target group
5 STAR FAMILY Ukrainian films and series for a wide group of 14+
6 X SPORT Disciplines: boxing, MMW, kickboxing, hockey (UHL league), motor sports, extreme sports, basketball, handball, volleyball
7 RYBALKA TV Fishing, outdoor activities and cooking
8 DACHA TV Do it yourself, interior decoration
9 FILM UA DRAMA Dramas – Ukrainian and international films
10 FILM UA LIFE Family channel – Ukrainian and international films
11 KUS KUS Cooking
12 NIKI KIDS Children
13 NIKI JR Teenagers



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